Sports Science


We are the leader in providing professional solutions to the biomedical, sports medicine and sports science industry in Asia. The sports science division plays an important role to catering for the needs of athletes, sports scientists, sports medicine doctors, orthopaedic doctors, biomedical engineers and biomechanists, etc.

We provide the key solutions to enhance the effectiveness of athletic assessment, diagnostics, training and learning programs. Also, we place an emphasis on improving sports performance and recovery, bringing cutting edge technologies for scientific research and outcomes management. We have the expertise and experience to complete turnkey projects like laboratory setups for human performance, ergonomics, physiology, etc.

Throughout the years, the division has an excellent track record and reputation for quality, exemplary service support, high product application knowledge, flexibility and unique, integrated solutions. Even so, we continue to strive for even higher standards to remain at the top among professional service providers.

Featured manufacturers include, but are not limited to Biodex, Tekscan, Mega Electronics, Qualisys, Organic Motion, Applied Science Laboratory, Cortex Medical, h/p/cosmos, Zephyr Technologies, Swift Performance, Schuhfried, HydroWorx, Alter-G etc.

Areas covered:

  • Sports and Exercise Physiology
  • Sports Biomechanics
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Strength and Conditioning equipment
  • Fitness Assessment equipment
  • Cardiopulmonary Assessment
  • Motion Capture and Analysis
  • Pressure Mapping and Analysis
  • Performance Treadmills and Ergometers
  • Rehabilitation Treadmills
  • Timing Gates
  • Heart Rate Assessment
  • Eyetracking
  • Biosignals Processing and analysis
  • EMG Assessment
  • EEG Assessment
  • HRV Assessment
  • Isokinetic Testing and Training
  • 3D Scanning and Anthropometric Measurements
  • Hydrotherapy